she once had her head in the clouds but she died on the ground

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21 May
Whiterun, Skyrim
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alkaline trio, animal rights, anita blake, aragorn/legolas, arthurian legend, arya stark, asoiaf, astroboy, bags, being human, being queer, books, crochet, fantasy, feminism, fiona apple, flyleaf, fma, garth nix, gay rights, h. g. wells, isobelle carmody, janet frame, jean-claude's hair, jon snow, jon snow's hair, justine larbalestier, kissing girls, knights from orkney, knitting, lentils, lesbianism, lily quench, loras tyrell, loras tyrell's hair, lord of the rings, mushrooms, ned stark, pandas, paul dempsey, pens, pineapple, poetry, pomegranates, potatoes, pretty notebooks, professor layton, ranger's apprentice, renly baratheon, rp, something for kate, spinach, steampunk, supernatural, tea, the borgias, the breastplate stretcher, the lion king, tofu, treasure planet, turtles, veganism, yarn
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